Our Team

Cruise America Specialist

In addition to accruing a collective mountain of years of experience working in this sector of the travel industry, by embarking on and successfully completing their Cruise America / Canada training our staff are even more well equipped to take advantage of being able to confidently sell and promote this wonderful way of exploring ~ by motorhome! To achieve Gold certificate status, one must have rented at least one Cruise America / Canada motorhome & spent considerable time travelling by this mode of transport. This type of travelling offers real flexibility and the freedom to truly explore the great outdoors and wonders that North America has to offer ~ and it is probably much easier than you may have imagined, we believe in keeping it simple.

Meet our team below ~


With a strong managerial background predominantly in the travel industry. Alistair posses considerable personal travel experience. When he is not in the gym pumping iron or out running he takes a keen interest in Rugby League following the fortunes of St. Helens. We hope he sees the light one day and converts to Rugby Union

Bronze Certificate



Our solo North American native Meghan hails from Vancouver Island in British Columbia but has lived in Asia and America too. After 10 years of living in the UK the Canadian accent still hasn’t left her, even if there is a slight Nottinghamshire twang to it

Gold Certificate



Charlotte entered the travel industry when she left university so is another with a great deal of travel experiences. Charlotte lives for the outdoors and can often be seen wheeling her shiny new mountain bike into the office on a morning, Charlotte is also rather partial to a good pint of local ale

Bronze Certificate



Leo has been on a hiatus from the travel business recently, but the bug yanked him back into the industry again and is CNA’s latest recruit having joined in January. A keen fan of meat and beer, Leo fits in nicely with the American lifestyle

Bronze Certificate



Back after 7 years away, Andy is back as good as before. In 2006 Andy left Complete North America to join the dark side at a rival company, but he has since discovered the grass is not always greener and has been welcomed back on board – even if he does support Derby County

Gold Certificate



With several years experience in the travel industry Juliet joined CNA in 2014 from just across the Irish Sea. While Juliet has a fair few hobbies, I think it’s fair to say that she’s almost as passionate about F1 as she is about travel

Bronze Certificate