Yukon Golden Circle | Canada Motorhome Holiday

Start:                     Whitehorsecanadream-rvsales-logo1

End:                       Whitehorse

Distance:             Approx. 400 miles


The Yukon has pristine rivers and lakes; endless forests teeming with wildlife; and a fascinating Gold Rush history that is so close, dance hall music can still be heard. And anywhere there is a place to park a camper – whether it is in a natural Motorhome or RV park or beside a stream with no name – a mountain view is practically guaranteed. The Yukon is young and wild, yet a modern highway system links its many historic and beautiful towns.


Days 1-3 > Whitehorse to Haines Junction

After collecting your vehicle , do your grocery shopping and head west on the historic Alaska Highway, a modern, two-lane highway that began as a trading route between First Nations. During the Second World War, the American Army pushed bulldozers to the Pacific Ocean allowing supplies to reach the coastal defences.

✪ 100 Miles to Haines Junction



Days 4-7 > Haines Junction to Haines.

Your stay in Haines Junction will depend on how much fishing & sightseeing you want to do. When you leave town (fill up your tank with gas first), follow the signs to Haines, Alaska on the Haines Highway. It may be a military spur that has been modernized, but before that it was a packhorse trail to the Klondike Gold Fields … 20 years before the Gold Rush of 1898. Before that, even, it was the “grease trail” used by coastal Chilkat Indians to trade oil and furs with the interior First Nations.

✪160 Miles to Haines


Days 8-10 > - Haines to Skagway - By Ocean Ferry

As you plough through the Inside Passage toward Skagway, the gateway to the Klondike Gold Fields, try to imagine how the Stampeders felt over 100 years ago when they approached this very same port. The mountains look cold and imposing as they stand shoulder to shoulder as if they forbid entry.

✪ 7 Miles to Skagway


Day 11 > - Skagway to Carcross

The next leg of this trip will start with a shock: In a mere 10 minutes you will leave behind broadleaf cottonwood trees of a coastal rain forest and enter a moonscape of glacially scarred granite and stunted heather on the top of a mountain at 1004 metres above the Pacific Ocean you just left. It can snow 12 months a year here and it is often socked in with fog for an eerie feel.

✪ 70 Miles to Carcross


Day 12 > - Carcross to Whitehorse

Your last day on the road begins immediately with the Carcross Desert, the world’s smallest desert. It is 260 hectares and is home to several plant species that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

✪ 50 Miles to Whitehorse


Day 13 >

Return RV to our Whitehorse Location

Sadly today you have to return your motorhome to the Whitehorse location.

All itineraries and campsite suggestions are intended as a guide only. Whilst we try our best to keep this information up to date, details may change from time to time.